Playlist 27 de Novembro

1.ª Hora
Funky People

Betty Harris: Mean Man
Jackie Wilson: Light my Fire
All the People feat. Robert Moore: Cramp your Style
Hampton Hawes: Web
The Meters: Just Kissed My Baby
Gecko Turner: Tieso (y sin desayuna)
Madhouse: Get Some of This
Herbie Hancock: Wiggle Waggle
James Brown: i Got to Move
Area F: Akumbe (MAW remix)
Tony Allen: Home Cooking
Manu Dibango: Soul Makossa
David Holmes: Rip Rip
Fatboy Slim: First Down
The Bobby Hughes Experience: Sahara 72
Malente: Dave Jackson

2.ª Hora

ESG: Bam Bam
ESG: Erase You (Puppy to Your Side)
ESG: In The Streets
The Dance: Do Dada
A Certain Ratio: Day One
Vortex Ost: Black Box Disco
Konk: Baby Dee
Felix (aka Arthur Russel & Nicky Siano): Tiger Stripes
ESG: You're No Good (alternate version)
ESG: i Wanna Dance
The Del Byzanteens (featuring Jim Jarmusch): My Hands are Yellow From The Work That i Do
The Contortions: Contort Yourself
Y Pants: Favourite Sweater

* 2.ª hora dedicada à Soul Jazz Records com especial destaque para o novo disco das ESG

por Marcelo Duarte

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