Playlist 4/5 Março 2008

The Radio Dept., keen on boys
David Bowie, rebel rebel
Seu Jorge, rebel rebel
Kimya Dawson, loose lips
Cat Power, new york
Siouxsie & The Banshees, hong kong garden
The Breeders, cannonball
Pixies, i've been tired
Beck, mixed bizness
Prince, kiss
Bow Wow Wow, aphrodisiac
Gang Of Four, natural's not in it
The Kills, tape song
The White Stripes, passive manipulation
The's, woo hoo
Bikini Kill, rebel girl
Rage Against The Machine, renegades of funk
These New Puritans, colours
Vampire Weekend, walcott

["Do The Right Thing", 1989, Spike Lee].

Vangelis, main titles
Jonny Greenwood, henry plainview
Tom Waits, anywhere i lay my head
Metronomy, black eye/burnt thumb
A Tribe Called Quest, can i kick it?
De La Soul, eye know
Fannypack, you gotta know
M.I.A., mango pickle down river
Spank Rock, sweet talk
Lady Saw, mi ting deh
Plant Life, luv me (til it hurts)
Xanadu, sure shot
General Echo, rapping dub style
T Ski Valley, catch the beat
Universal 2, dancing heart


Gustavo Sampaio.

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