Playlist 02/04/2008

1ª hora

Burial: Archangel
Burial: Near Dark
Burial: Forgive
Rockers Hi-Fi: Going Under
Kid Koala: Moon River
DJ Shadow: Blood On The Motorway
Carl Hacock Rux: Protean Caracter
Carl Hancock Rux: Languid Libretto (I Can't Love You Better)
Stereotyp: Keepin' Me
The Mitchell Brothers: Alone With The TV
Ellen Alien & Apparat: Leave Me Alone
Jon Kenedy: Tell Me How You Feel


Soon E Mc: Sur Le Boulevard Du Rythm Funky
NTM feat. Cut Killer: La Haine
NTM: That's My People
McSolaar: Nouveau Western
Soon E Mc: Elucider Ce Mystere
Mc Solaar: La Belle Et Le Bad Boy
Lewis Parker: Shadows of Autumn
Lewis Parker: A Thousand Thoughts
D'Angelo: Devil's Pie
Adolphus Bell's One Man Band: You Gotta Hurt Before You Heal
Stevie Wonder: Masterblaster (Jammin')
Reggae Disco Rockers: Baby
Mali Music: Sunset Coming On
por Tiago Eiras

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