right on, sista!

Bill Withers: Who is he? (And what is he to you)
Jimmy Sabather: Here comes the fuzz
Roy Ayers: Hey Uh What you say come on
War: Young blood
Spider-D: Big Apple Rappin
General Echo: Rapping Dub Style
Early B: Boombox
Kiprich: Certified Murder
Lady Saw: Nah Mix Nah Mingle
Lady Bug & Warrior Queen: Dem a Bom We
Bug & Flowdan: Jah War
Diital Mystikz & Spen G: Anti War Dub
Fat Eyes: Assault Rifle

por maria santos

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alexandre disse...

funki sista,
estava em pulgas para que publicasses o alinhamento. grande groove a tua primeira música.
podes mandar-me o mp3?